Pre-planning saves money and ensures peace of mind knowing that your wishes are met.  By taking responsibility for things that must be done prior to death or incapacity that only you can or should do will relieve your loves ones of both a financial burden and an emotion burden.

It is far more stressful for families to make final arrangements when a loved one has just passed.  There are many decisions that must be made to prepare for a funeral and final arrangements.  Making these decisions ahead of time without stress or pressure allows your loved ones to share with others your life story when they need to the most without the heavy burden of planning for your final arrangements.  For an individual or couple, being able to make those decisions beforehand with a clear mind is vitally important, and a blessing for loved ones.

Estate Planning

 Estate planning attorneys all agree their biggest fees are generated from lack of proper planning.  Statistically, final expenses are reduced by 25-40% when pre-planning and pre-funding of final expense needs (funeral and cemetery) are done in a non-emotional manner (prior to need), instead of waiting until death occurs and making final decisions emotionally.

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