Memorializations and Monuments

Flat bronze markers on granite bases are available to memorialize loved ones.  Granite monuments and granite benches are available in selected gardens.

It is beneficial to purchase your marker, bench, monument and other memorials from Knollwood because Knollwood is the permanent resting site of your loved one.  Knollwood is concerned about the beautification of the grounds and will ensure that  the memorials chosen will compliment the grounds of the cemetery.  We have staff that specialize in assisting clients in purchasing the memorial that best fits their needs.  Our staff has specialists who carefully set your monument or memorial and are responsible if there is any damage placing a memorial that was purchased through the cemetery.  It is more cost effective to purchase your memorial from Knollwood.  Knollwood uses the income from your purchase of a memorial to help maintain the beauty and peaceful grounds of Knollwood.