Cremation Inurnment

Cremation Inurnment into Niches

 A columbarium is a place for the inurnment of the cremains of those who have been cremated.  Our clients often choose to place the urn containing the ashes in a columbarium which provides a peaceful and serene place for them to connect with their loved one, giving the family a permanent place to visit and remember.  Additionally, future generations will be able to trace their family records to Knollwood Memorial Park Cemetery.

Cremation inurnment is available in above-ground niches in the Resurrection Columbarium and the Fishers of Men Columbarium.  Cremains may also be buried in traditional ground graves.

In-Ground Cremation

Many options are available for in-ground cremation burials.  Clients whose loved ones have been cremated can choose to purchase their own private site, which can range from a single space or a space which can accommodate more than one family member.